[Pre-Order] Bandai Boys Toys CSM - GarrenBuckle (with Rouse Absorber & Garren Rouzer)

Pre-Order Available in July 2020 The 27th CSM is here from "Kamen Rider Blade" The belt of Kamen Rider Garen, a set that includes the transformation belt "Garren Buckle", the power-up item "Rouse Absorber" and weapon "Garren Rauser". This item has a lot of the voice lines from the show! In addition, it also has Orichalcum Element projection and BGM playback functions. You also get 31 cards used by Garren! This set allows you to recreate the transformation and abilities of Kamen Rider Garren!

The set will include:
-31 Rouze Cards
-Garren Buckle
-Garren Rouzer
-Garren Jack Form Plate
-Blade Attachment
-Rouze Holster

The BGMS include:
-Receiving Everything
-Roadside Flower
-Climax VII
-BOARD Alarm
-Round Zero~Blade Brave

The full set of cards include:
-Change Stag
-Bullet Armadillo
-Upper Frog
-Rapid Pecker
-Drop Whale
-Rock Tortoise
-Scope Bat
-Gemini Zebra
-Thief Chameleon
-Fusion Peacock
-Absorb Serpent
-Evolution Giraffa
-Blank Cards X 18

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  • Model: BAN42675
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: BANDAI

This product will be in stock on Friday 31 July, 2020.