[Pre-Order] Guyver III Ultimate Premium Masterline Statue

Available in April 2020

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present the 1:4 scale Guyver III from Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. Agito Makishima is of medium build and is muscular. He is a third-year student at the same high school the other attend but looks older. Portrayed as an anti-hero, he almost never allows sentiment to stand in his way. He appears shrewd and calculating. At one point a candidate-member of the Kronos Elite, his is now viewed by them as a traitor. As he is the host for the third Unit activated, he is known as "Guyver III". Agito shows a frightening knowledge of what the Guyver can do throughout the series. The 32 inches tall statue represents Guyver III defeating Gregole, one of the very first strength-type Zoanoids developed by Kronos, standing in his way.

Product Size: 32.32" H (820.93mm) x 19.17" W (486.92mm) x 24.29" L (616.97mm)*

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  • Model: 903997
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  • Manufactured by: Prime 1 Studio

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