[Pre-Order] Court of the Dead - Malavestros Deaths Chronicler Fool Premium Format

Available in June 2018

Sideshow is proud to introduce the Malavestros: Death’s Chronicler-Fool Premium Format ™ Figure from our original Court of the Dead collection.

"Who would tell my story but a fool?”
- The Alltaker

Nothing is ever what it appears to be in the Underworld, and thus it would be wise not to dismiss Malavestros as a rare blip of comic relief in the Court of the Dead. Despite his grotesquely playful visage and unpredictable antics, Malavestros is an invaluable cache of truth. He may choose to dispense his wisdom wrapped in morbid humor and seasoned with acerbic pranks, but that does not lessen their veracity. His wealth of passion is matched only by his devotion to his fellow mourners; the monastery of Malavestros, called HushHyde, is home to the lost, unhinged and wayward refuges in the Land of the Dead. No Court of the Dead collection is complete without Death’s impish chronicler-fool.

Product Size: 20.5" H (520.7mm) x 11.5" W (292.1mm) x 9.25" L (234.95mm)*
Product Weight: 8.50 lbs (3.86 kg)*

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